1. Carmel High practices a culture of honor. A place where the students learn to esteem the young and the old.
  2. We believe not only in imparting knowledge to the kids but also guiding them to use it practically and wisely.
  3. Kids learn to be affectionate with each other and hence creating a sense of fellowship.
  4. The students are brought to the understanding of loving others as they would love themselves.
  5. Kids are encouraged to be proactive in the things their hands find to do; with all their heart and mind.
  6. The students receive guidance to be creative while making projects, presentations, assignments and other skills.
  7. To obey parents and teachers mindfully.
  8. Students are always wooed to be enthusiastic in what they do.
    As the saying goes,” A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm”.
  9. We practice and nurture an attitude of gratitude.
  10. Every student is encouraged to be sportsmanlike.

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