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"Carmel High School nurtures the child's natural love of learning and fosters mental and physical achievement by encouraging the child's healthy participation in the world around him. Academia provides knowledge but the learning and life skills honed by the encouraging way of education will lead to a responsible and rewarding adult life. We are extremely happy to be able to discover and trust our heart in making the best academic selection for our kids, as loving attention only breeds independence, individuality and good character. Thanks Carmel High School."
Jasmin Roshan
(Parent of Baldev & Sandhiya Roshan, Carmel High School, Thane)

"As parents we always try to give the best to our children. For us, the best school is the one where our kids love to go, the school where our children learn inclusiveness, develop their creativity and grow in all aspects (social, mental, emotional) of their lives. Carmel High is one such school. We are happy to see our kids going to Carmel."
Mohsena Merchant
(Parent of Karim & Fozia, Grade V and Grade III, Carmel High School, Manpada, Thane)

"Carmel was just a name of one of many schools when we were shifting base to Thane with our family last year. We were only concerned about putting our son in a good school. We decided on Carmel and we are pleased that we made the right choice. Our son was new to the city did not know how to read and write Hindi; and of course, he did not have any friends. In Carmel, we got the co-operation and support to help the child adjust to the new environment. The teachers and students share a relationship which is hard to find in any other school. The overall growth, both physical and mental, makes them independent individuals, who are capable of making their own choices!"
Niraj Chauhan
(Parents of Sanjay Chauhan, Grade V, Carmel High School, Manpada, Thane)

"Carmel High is an educational institution of a special kind; it is a school that includes basic values in a way that is naturally imbibed by the child. It is a gurukul that nurtures in every child the fundamental tenets of how to enhance your life with education. Last but not least, it is an institution par excellence that blends theory and practice very well to create an atmosphere of ‘learning with fun’. Our child is enjoying herself and growing as a person every day in school. The only issue is that she will never be comfortable in any other school. But that is Carmel High's unique value proposition!"
Kelash Subramanium
(Parent of Pooja Subramanium, Grade V, Carmel High School, Manpada, Thane)

"My son, being a slow learner, was able to get the required environment where he could get the appropriate support to address his specific needs. This helped him gain confidence and concentrate on developing his overall personality, not limited to academics. As parents, we found the approach of the counsellors and special educators proactive, interactive and supportive, which chanellized all efforts towards my child’s overall growth. This meant peace of mind to us as well as to the child."
Pankaj Naik
(Parent of Vinayak, Grade III, Carmel High, Malad, Thane)

"Carmel High School has been one of the developing milestones in the early stage of my child's life. Since he was very young he had not developed his vocal abilities which he did with help of the faculty of the school. He has become more interactive, outgoing and smarter. We are very satisfied with the progress of our child's performance and are looking forward for a more educative and interactive next year."
Santosh Jadhav
(Parent of Srinivas Jadhav, Nursery, Kangaro Kids Preschool, Guwahati)

"As educators ourselves, we feel we have a fairly accurate insight in evaluating the quality of care provided by Carmel High School. We feel there is a very open, friendly and purposeful atmosphere and are impressed by the caring and professional approach of the staff. We appreciate the regular and specific feedback that we receive about our son. The staff is always available to discuss any concerns/issues and we have been impressed by the way these conversations have been followed up. They are an extremely hardworking team who deserve merit for their efforts. Keep up the good work!"
Vijay Kasulla
(Parents of Rita Kasulla, Playgroup, Carmel High School Preschool, Guwahati)

"Choosing Carmel was the best decision that I made for my children. Here, children really learn without pressure. Also what they learn is not peripheral but stays with them. My children have become confident, responsible and social all thanks to Carmel. At Carmel, each child is really special; I can vouch for it."
Payal Sharma
(Parent of Sandeep Sharma & Depalli Sharma, Grade V and Grade II, Carmel High School, Anand)

"I want to compliment your school and teachers for the excellent curriculum offered to students and efficient teaching methods adopted by teachers. Carmel High School has set very high standards of learning. Concepts of mammals vs. reptiles, functioning of internal organs and shadows are not normally taught in other schools at this grade. As a parent, I was thrilled to see Parth 'established' in all aspects of the assesment (shared by teachers at the PTM). Parth is able to communicate the essence / crux of the concepts that he has learnt at school. This clarity has been possible due to efficient teaching methods adopted by teachers. Also, the methods are so refreshing that Parth thoroughly enjoys the learning process. This approach and tutelage will certainly facilitate academic excellence and personality growth of students."
Falguni Kasap
(Parent of Samrath kasap, studying in Jr. Kg. Division F)

I have been very worried about which school to put my boy in and I am really happy I chose your school. Johnathan has been home schooled till now and has never been to any school before.He has not been exposed to the outside world and it was very important for me to pick the perfect school that would help mould him become a well rounded, responsible individual.

At this point I'd like to mention the administrator, who showed me around and bravely put up with the barrage of questions I threw at her. She was very impressive. I remember thinking that if the administrator is so nice, the teachers have gotta be good.

The classrooms were bright and cheerful with child friendly furniture. The bathrooms had cute little toilet bowls and basins which my boy loved. It seemed the school had been designed by someone who cared about children.

I'd like to add that Johnathan's teacher also has been very kind to him. In fact she just called to let us know that Johnathan had a stomach ache. Please do thank her for all her efforts. It is so reassuring to know that you guys will call if the child is in any kind of discomfort at all. You seem to have a very good staff in place. Everybody, right from Ms Laxmi at the front desk to Ms Forum have been very very sweet. Even the female security officer is pleasant and polite.

Congratulations on running such a great school with such a nice staff and such a reasonable fee. As I had mentioned earlier, I have researched all the good schools in Thane and you people seem to be simply the best.

Please feel free to call me if you need me to contribute and volunteer in any way.

Anita Gonsalvis
(Parent of Jonathan Gonsalvis, studying in Jr. Kg. Carmel High School)

Very inspiring session this morning. Very motivating indeed. Proud to have my daughter in Carmel High School - Thane. Best part firstly in the session was of the positive thoughts & messages in mrng. 2nd was the sharing of days for working couples. Me Heading a Media Group work for 7 days & my wife has her own business. After today's meeting we decided that i will spare Sundays for my daughter & my wife Tuesdays. No work on these days-only we will spend time with her. 3rdly -great philosphy that 10 mins of homework in Std 1, 20 min in 2nd ....Gradually they will not feel the load. I am happy & thankful to Renick ji also who made us meet u. Nice person, he called me few days back & told me that Dheeraj, you are not giving/sparing/spending time with your daughter. He was correct & so was his analysis. My daughter Tanishka Mihi Varma at nursey age was becoming a shopaholic -trust me. I had everything for her except time. This has changed from today as it's Tuesday & my wife is with my daughter now for the whole day.

Meeting with you is a 'U' turn for me & my family. Wish Carmel High School best wishes from heart.
Veeraj Pandey
(Parent of Vinay Pandey studying in Nursery at Bhopal, Carmel High School)
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