We believe that:

» Children are our first priority.
» All students are enriched by having the opportunity to learn from one another.
» Schools should be orderly, violence free, and promote the emotional and physical wellness of students and staff.
» Learning is best facilitated by a strong partnership among students, staff, parents, and community.
» Learning is a lifelong process and is essential for continuous growth.
» Quality schools make a positive difference in the lives of all students.
» We believe in the all – round development of a student.
» We believe in clarity in teaching, making minds work and practical applications of what the students learn.
» We believe in making learning valuable, satisfying and challenging for all students.
» Instruction will challenge students to express creatively, think critically, and develop problem solving skills.
» Students learn when engaged and when they are enthusiastic about their work.
» The learning environment must be positive, supportive, nurturing and safe.
» Children learn best in a positive, caring environment where they feel safe, respected, and valued.
» All individuals can learn and they can learn in different ways.
» Individuals are responsible for the choices they make. We help them make the right ones.
» Self discipline, intrinsic motivation, and personal accountability are essential for a student’s future success.
» Every child can learn and deserves an excellent education.
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