Warm Greetings to all the Parents, Teachers, Students and readers.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you into the new academic year. It’s a joy to inform you that Carmel High has successfully completed 25 glorious years. It’s a time of great rejoicing for all of us. These 25 years are a product of our school’s values, the efforts of the staff and the excellence among the students. We are an ever growing organization, a place where reservoirs are channeled into streams of rushing water, where teachers have become awakeners, where every step of the way has a new hope and where bull’s eye means to bring the best out of every child.

It is at this young age when teaching gets a soft grounding and innocent receptivity to mould the child in any way a teacher would want. That is why we attach enormous importance to this younger age group. We groom our young ones with certain values, infusing in them the latest technologies through gradual process, through examples, enjoyable practices, informative academic excursions, games of their interest and above all, with motherly affection and yet with fatherly control, so that they grow up to prove their worth against any internal or external challenge. Wishing you all an enjoyable, bright, challenging and vibrant academic year.
Yours in Education
Mr. R.A. Lawrence
Founder – President

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